Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At home
Mummy: What are you doing Reese?
Reese: (Arranging saga seeds in a row on the floor) I want to plant the Saga seeds!
Mummy: Oh! What will happen to the Saga seeds?
Reese: Grows into a beanstalk.

At my mum's place
Mummy: Reese mummy will buy you some green beans to plant ok?
Reese:Mummy, I wanna plant seeds and watch it grow into beanstalk!
Mummy: Ok, we will do so.

(Afternoon after his nap)
Reese: I want to plant green beans! I want beanstalk!
Mummy: Ok, let's do it. We need a plastic container, some cotton and your watering can with water.
Reese: (Watching mummy prepare the things) Mummy, I want flower pot!
Mummy: No need Reese, we use the container.
Reese: ????
Mummy: Here, your beans... now put them into the container...... and water the beans and watch it grow. It will slowly grow....takes a few days.
Reese: I wanna see it grow into a bean stalk! (looking closely at the beans)
Mummy: Not right now dear, they will take a few days.
Reese: The beans slowly grow into beanstalk......

(The next day...)
Mummy: Reese, come look... your beans are growing!
Reese: Mummy, the beans hatched! (Smiling and very excited)
Mummy: (Laugh)

Wonders how he will react today when he sees leaves on the beans! :) Reese has been fascinated with beans and beanstalk since he saw an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House and the book Tictch. I took the opportunity to read him Jack and the Beanstalk and Freddie and Flossie Plant a Seed. So for science, he is learning about plants and how they grow and what they need.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, love the chat with your kid.
And yes, I love that Jack and the beanstalk story. And I remember I too planted some beans, long beans to see how high it could go, ha ha.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

A gift from God said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

I have been following your blog for more than a year now! I really like your sense of humor! :)

Thank you for visiting... and I am trying my level best to introduce things I did when I was young to Reese.... :)