Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doll House Anyone?

This is one of the latest toy we bought for Reese. It's a doll house complete with furniture and figurines. Reese is at a stage where he likes to do imaginative play. So this new toy will give him alot of that. It can also teach him about household chores, responsibilities and many more.

The best thing is I got it cheap! Apparently a friend told me that they already closed down due to intense competition from China. They killed her friend's market with cheap imitation. So since the creator did it as a hobby or something like that, he decided to close down the business after many years because he was just fed up and angry with the imitators!

He is selling all the doll houses at a fraction of the price which includes 20 pieces of furniture, figurines and even two woven rugs from Turkey! What a super bargain.

All furniture are functional. It means all doors and drawers can be open. Soon we will get some miniature accessories to complement the house and perhaps when Reese is a little older we will teach him to paint the house and furniture! Ah.... so much fun.

The living room with daddy and mummy. Can you spot the rug?

Closer look

This doll house is huge!

Check out the bathroom. The toilet seat can open and close too.

The kitchen complete with fridge and oven..... all can be opened!

The nursery room with a wardrobe, mirror and dressing table....etc

Dining area


Ann said...

WAH....I also want this dollhouse!!!

Still got? How much is it?

Baby Darren said...

Yeah yeah.....i also want the doll house. I have been hunting one for Darren but it is way too expensive. How much is that and do they still have stock? Please email me the details if u dun mind. thanks!

LittleLamb said...

OMG. Must be very expensive. Can sell me 2nd hand later if Resse dont want to play ?

A gift from God said...


It's not really that Expensive for the size and details that go with it. :) Don't know whether we will sell...hahaha.. it will become a collector item once Reese chuck it aside... I am going to do some major transformation to it....hahaha