Sunday, October 04, 2009

At 3

Haven't update on Reese's milestones for a long time. Here are some updates.

Height and weight: Tall and about 19kgs+

Speech: Talkative

Vocabulary: Growing and way ahead of this peers

Reading/spelling: Reads phonetically and by memory (only when he is in the mood) and knows how to spell 20-30 words(3 to 6 letter words). Longest word that he can spell is 'rocket' and almost can spell 'mountain'. Thanks to Word World.

Numbers: Can count up 30/40 and more if prompted with 50... 60... 70... (He understands how the naming of numbers work). Can count very well.

Story Reading: Always want us to read stories to him. Every night before he sleeps, we will read to him at least 5 different books!

Memory: It's fantastic! He surprised us a month or two ago with reading his entire Goodnight Mood story without missing a word! To date, he has memorized 5 stories. He will read to you with expressions and intonation too!

Just to give you an idea of what he memorized:

I Am A Bunny (by Ole Risom)

I am a bunny.
My name is Nicholas.
I live in a hollow tree.
In the spring, I like to pick flowers.
I chase the butterflies, and the butterflies chase me.
In the summer, I like to lie in the sun and watch the birds.
And I like to watch the frogs in the pond.
When it rains, I keep dry under a toadstool.
I blow the dandelion seeds into the air.
In the fall, I like to watch the leaves falling from the trees.
I watch the animals getting ready for the winter.
And, when the winter comes, I watch the snow falling from the sky.
Then I curl up in my hollow tree and dream about spring.

This is one of the shorter stories that he had memorized. All we did with him was read to him before he goes to bed the past month.

Science: We talk about food digestion in the body (stomach, intestines....etc), where human waste goes to (talk about sewage pipes and plants), body parts (from penis, nipples to anus...etc) and we also talk about the 5 senses and how the 'messengers' will send messages to the brain. Talks about weather, planets and etc.

Social: He mix well with other children even though he still doesn't know how to get other kids to play with him. We noticed he just get into the group and start playing. :) He can play with anyone and warms up with anyone quite fast. Still doesn't know how to defend himself when being bullied.

Arts and Craft: Not interested at all.

Singing: Still sings out of tune. :) He likes adult music. Daddy has been influencing his son with rock music. At times we see Reese jumping with hands up in the air like those concert goers! Daddy is proud of him... hahaha...

Dancing: Oh boy! Reese loves to dance. He is not shy and will dance whenever he wants to.

Emotion: He has his good days and bad days. Thank God the not so good days only comes about once in a while. He is good natured in general but can be very demanding when he wants something. One thing I hate about him is when he wants something, it has to be right now and he will jump and stamp his feet and grunt! Don't know where he got that from! He is easily distracted so it's quite easy to get out of a bad situation.

I am being more firm with him now with punishment like standing at a corner. So far, cane is not necessary yet. Phew!

Food: I am thankful that now, Reese will eat almost anything. He even takes roti canai with sugar! :) His favourite food is still western but at least Chinese food he has accepted. We even took him to a Lebanese restaurant a week ago and he had pita bread with mushroom soup, some briyani mutton rice and falafel!

Play: Reese is creative in his play. He likes outdoor play alot. No longer afraid of the tunnel slide, or swing. He even go on the flying fox. He loves the Ipod. There is a chicken game that he can easily play up to level 6 or 7 on his own. Of course daddy has to show him a few tricks here and there. :)

Reese is a always smiling and also super active. He is very cheeky too.


LittleLamb said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

19kg for a 3yo....WOW!

A gift from God said...

Little Lamb,

Thank you. and YES... he is 19kgs... doctor said he is over weight...hehe