Friday, September 25, 2009

Word World

I wanted to blog about this for sometime now. About a month ago, while teaching my students we talked about cartoons they like to watch. The name Word World came about. Never thought much about it after that. Then not so long ago, read in this mummy's blog about Word World. It's a cartoon that teaches reading and spelling of words in the most fun way! Every character and most things in Word World are made up of alphabets literally. Interesting right?

I went to their website and let Reese play with some games just to test whether he was interested or not. He likes it. So I downloaded the entire season 1 of the show for Reese (No cartoon channels on my Astro). Reese started watching it an he wanted word world everyday!! (except weekends) Result? After 1 month of watching Word World.......

He can spell 95% of the words in Word World season 1. Kid you not. He can spell it orally or fixing the alphabets or just simply reading it from a piece of paper!

Some of the bigger words he can spell :- water, rocket, crown, happy, house, cake, spoon, nest, box, hay, barn..... etc. He can almost spell 'mountain' too. All these by simply watching the cartoon.

If you say watching the idiot box is bad....think again! This is really one of the best educational cartoon around. Should encourage your kid to watch it.


cxjiek said...


LittleLamb said...

philip is hook to Word world on Astro. i never let him touch the computer yet...

Blessed mum said...

its my boy's favorite too!

yr boy is really a genius!

A gift from God said...

Dear mummies,

I am just glad that there are good programs out there for kids!

Little Lamb, TV is just like Computer...infact..personally... the computer will be better for learning... :)

Blessed mum,

YOu think my son is a genius ah? that I don't think so...but he is smart.... maybe if it continues... I will send him to test his IQ...hahaha