Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to be separated for 2 weeks?

Hubby and I will be going to Europe next month. This will be the second time we travel without Reese. The first time was when Reese turned 10 months old. We left him with my parents for 3 days. It was difficult at that time for me because I just stopped breastfeeding him and first time away from my baby.

Coming November will be difficult for me again. I think this time it will be even more so because we will be away for 2 weeks! Now that he is aware of things, I wonder how he will take it. We have been preparing him by telling him that we are going far far away to London to buy his favourite Little Einstein Rocket (Can't find any Little Einstein merchandise here).

We have been telling him that his grandparents from Penang will be taking care of him while we are away. He seems to understand. I really hope he does. Will he cry every now and then looking for us? Will my in-laws be able to handle him when he throws his super tantrums? So many questions in my mind.

Alot of what if? too.... What if we died on a plane crash? What will happen to my child? No more parents? So scary.... what if...what if...... so much anxiety and yet so excited about my trip!

Mummies, care to share your experiences when you first left your child for a long period of time? I really need some advice and assurance..... :)


Ann said...

It will be alright. He may may cry...but it will be a good time that he will have with his grandparents. And it will be good for you and hubby too.

And once you touch down in London, you will miss him.....but you will also be able to enjoy yourself.

Enjoy....Europe you know!!!

Linda said...

only the 2 of you? how romantic? baby no2 made in Europe? haha :)

Reese is a big boy now.. he will understand. You just need to tell him again and again and again.. and remind him not to be naughty and must listen to grandparents... and you are going to miss him dearly... ask him to take care of his grandparents as well... (small kids like big responsibility), ask him to wait for you to come back..

I think he will enjoy himself more than you think... :)

Most of all.. enjoy your trip...
I am also leaving tomorrow night... so anxious and so exited.. so many things to plan and pack... :)

LittleLamb said...

he will be ok...
i was separated with philip too cos parents took philip to sg for holiday.. my dad sms me..saying He didnt even ask for me... *roll eyes*

Merryn said...

ooh.. i have no comment here as Ethan is with me everywhere i go! I sure cant feel comfortable without him around...

Baby Darren said...

Don't worry, things will turn out right at the end of the day. He might be looking for you for the first few days but soon he will adapt well without you all around. Be prepared that the one who is crying is YOU...hahaha...I still remember when I left for Shanghai with hubby last year, I cried in the cab. But soon, you too will start to enjoy the trip after knowing he is doing well with your in laws at home.

Enjoy ur trip!!!

A gift from God said...

Dear Ann,

I think I will feel guilty on the plane...but Europe will take away that guilt once I touch down...hahah


Hey... enjoy your trip... you are going with your kids as well... So no separation! Lucky you.

Little Lamb,
I hope Reese will be like Philip... don't ask for me! At least he won't have to suffer...hahaha

Wait till you have to be away from him.... :)

Baby Darren,
Yeah... I think I will cry buckets.... maybe not....don't know... will see will see.... :)

Mummy Moon said...

I am sure he will be fine with his grand parents.

You don't think too much ya! Enjoy your trip.