Monday, May 25, 2009

Fourth night....

Yesterday night was fast to get Reese to sleep because he did not nap and had played 3 hours at Kidspot! So by 8.30pm he slept. I was not well either so slept with him. At around 10+pm Reese woke and whine a little but eventually fell asleep. He didn't ask for milk. Then around 12+am, 2+am he woke and again whine a little and kicked about with his eyes closed. Again didn't ask for milk then finally at about 2+am he woke up asking for milk. So again we told him only when the sun comes up then only he can have milk... he whine a little and I got up and gave him some warm water in his bottle. He took a few sip and then gave it to me and fell asleep again.... :)

Now it's 6am. No movement from him so far.... Is it working? I don't know... I think it is still too early to tell... will have to wait for another few more days..... thank you for your support mummies.. will keep you updated.

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