Monday, May 25, 2009

Computer Skills

Reese was exposed to the computer when he was less than a year old. He likes watching whatever we show him on the computer. There is always a concern that children who are exposed to interactive stuff too early in there childhood will find it difficult to learn using more traditional method like books. They get bored easily and there are many books and research by experts that support this claim. Am I concern? Sometimes but I make sure there is a balance and somehow... Reese likes both. So I guess it's ok.

Reese's favourite gadget is of course the Ipod touch. Daddy downloads lots of free programs like virtual violin, drums, drawing program, some simple games, virtual pets and many more. Reese is an expert when it comes to using Ipod touch. He knows how to search for his favourite program and open it. He knows how to close the program that he doesn't like and he knows where to search for his favourite cartoon and play them.

When he is out eating with us, the PSP is his favourite companion. He will watch his favourite cartoon on it while we all eat in peace.

His latest skill is using the computer (MAC). He now knows how to navigate his favourite site by using a mouse and he is able to play the games too. We used to do all the navigating for him and he will just watch but now, he can do it by himself. It took him a couple of days to get used to the MAC mouse and the PC mouse. Now he will surf his favourite site both at home and at my mother's place. An additional activity for him to do! He can be surfing the site for a good 20 minutes or more on his own!

I think it's quite an achievement for a 2 years 7 months 25 days old toddler! :)


Merryn said...

bravo reese.. he's such a smart boy isnt he? :)

A gift from God said...


All parents will think that their children are the smartest! :) But after seeing what my son can do so far, I must say he is really smart for his age. :) How's Ethan? better now? He is also one smart dude! I think it must be the milk with all the DHA.... children these days are a lot smarter in general..don't you agree?

Sasha said...

he's good. Btw which site is this?

A gift from God said...

Hi Sasha,

The site is

It is really a great site! Should let your two little ones play.