Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fifth night....

Reese slept late again, at about 10pm and woke up super early at 6am! The good news is, he did not whine but roll alot on the bed (not sure whether it's due to his sore throat and phlegm) or because he did not have his usual dose of milk! Anyway... as usual around 2am, he woke up and ask for milk very nicely this time and I just told him no milk until the sun comes up and gave him a bottle of water... he took one sip and gave it back to me and went back to sleep. :)

Still not sure whether it is working or not but at least he has accepted that he will not get any milk in the middle of the night. Now the other problem is he sleeps later and wakes up very early because of the new routine.

I hope in the coming weeks he will get used to the routine and sleeps through the night. How much sleep is required of a toddler? On average Reese will have about 11 hours of sleep including nap time a day. On really good days, he will sleep about 12.5 hours. How long does your child sleeps a day?


little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Wake up so early!~

MommyAngel said...

That's a good progress! At least you have solved the night feeding problems and can start on other area where you find you need to improve :) Well done mommy :)

I don't think your he sleeps very late leh coz my Angel sleeps around 10.30pm or 11 pm or even later (maybe 12am) but she wakes up around 8 - 9 am la and sometimes no afternoon naps at all coz she just refuse to go to sleep. I have always in the opinion that she don't have enough sleep until her paed assures me that if she don't have dark circles around her eyes, very active in the day and not acting cranky then it means that she is getting enough sleep coz sometimes it all depends on individual kids as well. Normally my Angel would get around 11-12 hours of sleep each day. Few times per month she would be very nice and sleep 13-14 hours. No afternoon naps 1-3 days per week. I can say that she just don’t like to sleep :)

A gift from God said...

little prince's mummy,

Yup... he never woke up later than 8am and once in a long long while he will get up say at 8.30am!


I am still not sure whether I have solved the night feeding problem.. will have wait and see... :)

Reese used to sleep at 8pm and wakes up at about close to 8am but then over the months.... he sleeps later and later and wakes up earlier and earlier...