Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some of Reese's latest Art

Last month, he was into Charlie Brown and the Peanut Gang. He continues to draw his favorite scenes he saw in The Great Collapses. :) Please you have LIKE his Facebook page, please support him by clicking LIKE! You can find his Facebook link on the top left side. Exciting time coming up, Reese's art will be on display in an artelier in Penang very soon and hopefully a solo exhibition next!!! 

Famous landmarks collapsing
Pencil Sketch of HK skyline
Coliseum Collapsed
Oriental Pearl Tower collapsed in Shanghai
HK skyline
Some collapses
Mt. Fuji, Japan
Empire State Building collapsed
St. Basil Cathedral 
Bridge collapses somewhere in KL
Buildings collapsing somewhere 
Bird's eye view of NYC I think
Err..... don't know what this is
Can you guess?
Landmarks of the world
Life after people
From his game, Temple Run
See how Taipei 101 collapses?
Reese's new home
Somewhere in NYC
Carlie Brown
Carlie Brown and Snoopy
Carlie Brown in Moscow
Carlie Brown confused because too many signs!
Carlie Brown running for his life!


Mumsgather said...

The Charlie Brown one looks like a break from his usual style. :)

A gift from God said...


Yes, very much. He is also drawing more people! Not just stickmen.... :) He has been reading the Survival Science Comics.... drawing people comic style!

CL said...

He really likes to draw collapsing buildings ja ... as always, amazing art pieces.

A gift from God said...


What to do.... hehehe... Some people were a little disturbed by his choice of theme and asking why he only draws collapses or disasters.