Thursday, May 10, 2012


Reese: Mum, what is ROMANTIC? I don't know what romantic means.

Me: (Surprised) Where did you learn that from? 

Reese: Charlie Brown and Peanuts.

Me: Oh.... eerrr.... (not sure how to explain!) When someone shows love in a lovely way to another person?? :)

Reese: Mum, isn't it ROMANTIC eating cake and doing work (math)??

Reese: Mum, this Sunday I am going to be ROMANTIC. I will buy you flowers and make you a card and tell you I love you. 

Me: ??? (Melting)

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Rachel said...

Aww, Reese is so sweet :) U must be looking forward to Mothers' Day. I am not getting anything this year cos my son K did not go to school on FRiday due to a stomach upset, so no Mother's Day pressie for me!..Sob...

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