Friday, May 18, 2012

School of Hard Knocks

Today we went to the Royal Selangor Pewter factory. It was a fun field trip for us. First thing in the morning with our GPS, we braved the traffic and traveled to Segambut area. Everything went smoothly until a mere 2km from destination we got lost! Yeah, even with a GPS. Sometimes it is not reliable and some how it directed us to the highway and went one big round and had to go through Jalan Tun Razak (traffic was really heavy). It took us an hour to reach the place. :)

We were honored to have the founder's granddaughter to personally take us on the tour! After the tour, the kids went to the School of Hard Knocks. Each participant is given a flat piece of pewter and appropriate tools to make a pewter bowl. The kids really had fun knocking! We paid RM68 for Whack and Snack and the tour is free of charge.

Datin Chen the founder's granddaughter explaining the history of the Royal Selangor Pewter
Everything is hand crafted.
The School of Hard Knocks
Tools for making a pewter bowl

The Royal Selangor Pewter Factory
Pewter pice used to make the bowl.

Reese knocking away!
After he finished his bowl, he packed it himself
One happy boy with his pewter bowl.

After all the hard work, the kids had lunch at the cafe (included in the package). They each had two croissants with egg mayo and tuna fillings and a glass of apple cranberry juice. After lunch was play time! Wished I was not sick. This whole week I am sick and yet we had three field trips!

Yummy lunch

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Linda said...

So fun and educational trip.. I would like to try it for myself too.. :)