Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Istana Negara and Sushi Making

We went to Istana Negara last Monday. I thought we could tour the palace and perhaps see some of the rooms and stuff like that. What a disappointment. All you get to see is the main hall where the throne is. They have some exhibits on display and that's it. The only thing I find interesting was the queen's tiara and necklace! Hehehe. It's free admission but if you intend to take photos, you have to pay RM3.

Today we went to Sushi King, IPC to make sushi with a group of homeschoolers. Reese has been waiting for this to happen the longest time. We had a great time. Paid RM25 for sushi making and a bento lunch box to take home. Kids learned some Japanese sushi terms and simple greetings. Then they learn how to make 4 types of sushi. 
Reese in his apron
Has to put on a hair net
Ingredients for sushi making
Fanning the hot sushi rice
Busy making his own sushi
4 pieces of sushi made by Reese
One happy boy!
Time to eat!
Bento lunch box

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