Thursday, May 03, 2012

Internet Censorship

I never expect this to come so early. My son is only 5 years 7 months and I already have to start monitoring and censor some of the contents he is exposed to. 

Just yesterday he found a Youtube video entitled NYC Earthquake. He was watching it a couple of times and I thought it was just another of those harmless video. Later in the day, my student's mum alerted me that the video was a little gory(He showed it to her while I was in the room teaching). 

Oops! When I checked and true enough... *sigh* 

All these while, we sort of banned him from watching anything related to disasters because those videos indirectly cause him to fear water, sea and a few other things. I realised he will still search for these videos and watch them and the moment he dedects my presence, he will immediately close them! Smart boy but not good for us! He now knows how to hide things from us. Gosh!

He searches for images and videos on Google search whenever he wants. He can spell well too. Imagine him spelling 'Life after people the great collapses'. 


Linda said...

how to censor? My girl is also watching youtube, and one video leads to another... sometimes with inappropiate content... sigh...

Leona said...

Luckily I have really slow internet it is impossible to watch U tube at home.
Better have to supervise Reese during his computer sessions now i guess. So sneeky some more...know how to close the window when u come near!