Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeschooler Sports Day

Reese went for his first sports day organized by a group of homeschoolers' parents. We have close to 50 kids participated and 10 stalls manned by homeschoolers. These kids had a chance to experience setting up stalls and selling food and craft. Young entrepreneurs in the making! Reese and I decided to sell hotdogs and potato salad. We managed to break-even even though we only managed to sell half (over estimated). Reese competed in two events, an individual race and a team event. In the team event, Reese was suppose to climb through a small tunnel but when it came to that, he refused because he claimed it was dirty! Everyone laughed at him! Overall it was a fun experience. Looking forward to next year's sports day!
Sports day venue. A nice field near Jalan Gasing.
Reese created his own signage and I helped him color. He decided to call his stall London Hot Dogs!
Reese and his stall.
Our little stall.
Preparing his food for sale.
Giving change to his first customer.
Reese and his paternal grandparents.
Tug of war!
Other stalls.
Waiting for his medal. 
Proud little boy.

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