Friday, May 11, 2012

Reese's Facebook Page

It's been quite a busy week for me and hubby. Since last week we have been working on Reese's Facebook Page and as of today, we have 141 LIKES! Not bad eh?

Almost half of the likes comes from outside Malaysia. Need to work on the local fan base!

If you have not click on LIKE, please hop over to Reese's Facebook page, SHARE his page on your wall or leave a comment! :)

Some of you may ask why we are promoting him on Facebook, it is not because we want him to be a star and get all the attention but rather to take a step to open up a possible path for his future. My aim is to let him gain some exposure via social media and hopefully he will be discovered!

Many friends had asked me why I am not doing anything with Reese's talent. I usually just shrug my shoulders. Recently I got an expert from America to look at Reese's artwork and she said Reese may be a child prodigy in art. That really convinced me that Reese is more than just talented. 

After much thinking, perhaps it is not a bad thing at all to open up a possible path that will make Reese's life easier in terms of making a living. (If he makes it in the art world) 

He loves to draw. There is no difference to him. :) No child labour here! He continues to draw as and when he likes with no interruption and honestly we don't know how to deal with his ever growing artwork! Over 600 pieces in all. It's gathering dust on a bookshelf! We have mounted some but hey, it's expensive to do so and taking up space! (We live in a small apartment)

Reese's very own gallery in his play room. :)
Used to be only 1 wall but now has expanded to 2 walls!
Some of the mounted artwork. Mounting board is not cheap if you have to buy hundreds of them!


Linda said...

Keep it up... Mummy is doing such a great job in keeping and promoting Reese's arts.

A gift from God said...

Thanks Linda!