Thursday, May 10, 2012


All these while we thought Reese is just lousy at cycling. He can hardly pedal properly. We stopped doing this activity for many months and about 3 weeks ago, I decided to get Reese to cycle but one of the tires was flat so no cycling.

Last weekend, we went to a bicycle shop and got a bicycle pump. After pumping both tires, Reese went for a ride. Wow, what a transformation! He can pedal very well. Strange....

Took him riding again yesterday around the playground. He rides like a pro! 

I figure out from the start, it was not Reese that was lousy, it was the tires!! We did not check the tires. They did not have enough air!! We are such blur parents!

Now there is hope my son to ride a bicycle. Ha! 

So how do you teach a child to ride without training wheels? Got to do some research.


Leona said...

Like ur new change to ur blog.

Hurray to Reese.

Me too...dreading when I have to teach Ryan to cycle with 2 wheels...

A gift from God said...

Thanks Leona! Go go Ryan.... :)