Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When You Allow Your Child to Read Comics...

This is what happens when your child reads a lot of comics!!

When I first introduced Reese to comics, I never thought that the language used in them...... eerr... really bad!!

Mind you Reese reads child friendly comics like Tintin, The Smurfs, Disney series...educational comic like Survival Science (Gempak Starz).

Survival Science series is the worse of all. After reading only 1 book, my son started to say phases like "What the?" , "What the heck!". I was shocked. What do you think? Rude words and phases don't you think? 

Yesterday evening, he played with my box of magnetic alphabets and made the above. My dear son cleverly came to me and said... "Mom, look what I made? Words I am not allowed to say... hehehe..." 

Thank God he doesn't use these words and phases in his everyday speech!


Mumsgather said...

lol. Did you laugh out loud or try not to laugh.

Leona said...

Good boy. He knws he can't speak those words...but nobody said he can't write those words!!!!

A gift from God said...


I was trying shaking my head left and right and laughing!


Cheeky isn't it? :)

BabyBooned said...

Omg its too funny! Lol