Monday, April 30, 2012

Exciting Times Coming Ahead!!

Reese's latest drawing. His version of Time Square NYC.

One of Reese's dream is to have a solo exhibition of his own one day and we as parents are going to do everything we can to realized that dream! He likes sharing his art with others and whenever he has an opportunity to share, he will passionately tell his stories through his drawings.

So for a start, we are working on a Facebook Page dedicated to his art and it's going to be called Reese's Secret Gallery. Well, not really a secret but a continuation of his blog Reese's Secret Isle. :)

When it is ready, I hope all of you faithful readers will LIKE the FB page and spread the word around in hope that someone in the art world might take notice of my boy's work and may help to bring him another step closer to his dream!

Another exciting thing is that Reese and I will be interviewed by a journalist of a local newspaper this coming Wednesday. Stay tuned!


Mumsgather said...

This is definitely very exciting. When your page is up, do give me an invite, I will most certainly like it. I think your Reese needs to be discovered!

A gift from God said...

Thank MG,

Will definitely give you an invite! Lot's of photos to take and upload.... his got a lot of art work! :)