Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Legos!

Reese has been building and building. He likes Legos now. :)

Town expansion! 
He likes his town very much. 
Reese did all the buildings except for the petrol station.(One of my Lego collection)

Together with Reese we sorted all the bricks.

He enjoys following the instruction manual and build things. He is getting good at it. Yesterday we bought another box of Legos to add to his current collection. Reese is happily expanding his lego town. Soon, I will dismantle one of my Lego collection (A house with a garage) and let Reese rebuilt it. 

My favorite Lego. It's expensive too. Reese has been eyeing my house for a while... :)

Legos are expensive. Most of the sets available are theme based which is fine but I realized that many of them come with prebuilt big parts and the actual building using bricks is very limited. So we bought plain bricks that allows a lot of building instead. I can't find those extension box sets with only roofs, windows doors, flowers and trees. 


Linda said...

beautiful collections, and beautiful creations.... Reese must have been spending hours into Lego.....

MeRy said...

very nice...Lego is expensive toys,but there are definitely a good toy to invest for kids.

A gift from God said...

Thanks, he spends about an hour or so each time he decided to build something.

Thanks and yes, good investment because they are very 'tahan lasak' :) Can really keep for the next generation! LOL!