Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Bank Negara's New Museum and Art Gallery Visit

Thanks to a very resourceful unschooling mother, we got to go for an organized tour of the brand new Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery. It is located along Jalan Dato Onn. The place is beautiful. Love the architecture of the building. It is not fully operational yet. There are a few galleries including a children's gallery that are still work in progress. We were told towards the end of this year the galleries will be ready. We were greeted by friendly staff who all speaks good English. Very professional. :) We even saw a real princess! The princess of Netherlands. She was visiting the museum while we were there. Worth a visit but I will wait till the children's museum is ready. :) 

Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery
Session conducted by Ms. Haslini. Lovely lady.
Reese busy running around
An Introduction about saving, spending and sharing
Everyone is busy making their very own money box
Full concentration.
Reese drew Lord Shen and Master Shi Fu
Money box
Reese said this is a big yummy cherry!
A collection of art over a span of 50 years. This year the bank is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary 
A beautiful spiral staircase
The happy kids!
Display of coins with interactive points
Reese's favorite. He got to see currency of different countries
World Currency Notes.  
At the library area. Happily playing with other homeschoolers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Reese,

It was good to have you at the museum and I hope you can come and visit us again soon.

Hazlini Harun

A gift from God said...

Hi Hazlini,

You found us! :)
We will definitely come again once your galleries are all up and running! :)