Friday, April 06, 2012

Art at 5 Years 6 Months

One of the Duomo that was being constructed
DoRaMi Restaurant (Fictional)
Ponte Veccio
I like the Chinese character he wrote. Not sure whether it exist but do look Chinese! :)
A battle scene of Lord Shen and others (Kung Fu Panda). I like how the flags are flying...see how he portraits them? Quite real isn't it?
Coins of the world! (Inspired by Bank Negara visit)
Bank Negara and surrounding buildings got struck by lightning. Heavy rain. (On the day of our visit, it was raining)
Some destruction
Tsunami and lots of debris
Total Destruction
Lord Shen (Peacock)
Fish Aquarium
Chinese City using ball point pen
A church in Italy. Pencil sketch


BabyBooned said...

His drawings as usual are awesome! And i can see he's even improved more now

A gift from God said...


Thanks! :)