Tuesday, April 03, 2012

National Craft Day 2012

Last Sunday we went to Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur at Jalan Conlay for National Craft Day. It was our first time. Seriously, if not for homeschooling I would never have bothered about such events let alone going to one! It was a sunny day and we reached there around 10am. It was huge. There were quite a few art and craft demonstrations. One that fascinated Reese was the weaving station. Beautiful work of art. 

Weaving traditional songket cloth
Fascinated by the old lady spinning thread
Batik painting
We bought a real gasing. A pakcik was teaching me how to spin it but after a few tries I still didn't get it. Luckily hubby knows how to play. :) We also bought a congkak. A very straight forward game and easy to learn. Reese loves the game. I wish I did not throw away my old congkak from school days, it was made of better wood with deeper and rounded 'holes' to hold the marbles. This one I got was light with flat shallow holes. It is harder to scoop out the marbles. It cost me RM30 (without the marbles) after all the bargaining. Apparently you can get it for around Rm25 else where.

A real gasing for RM15
Congkak. A traditional Malay game.
The highlight was taking Reese to do another batik painting. Reese decided to draw flowers! He was not interested to paint his flowers properly but instead, he was busy experimenting with colors. Mixing different colors to get new colors. This session cost us RM42.

After drawing his art, it was waxed by one of the staff.
Another of his creation.  He drew flowers this time and even wrote a Chinese character(far left middle) which he claimed is 'mien' as in noodles. Ha!

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