Monday, April 16, 2012

Lego Fever

Reese is still in Lego building mode. Day and night he will build. Check out our Lego city! Reese did most of the buildings from scratch. 

Reese's Lego city

My favorite town house
The latest and most impressive building he did was from the Creator Series. A beautiful town house with a garage. He patiently fix the little pieces together brick by brick. It has 1174 pieces in all. Reese did it in a few sessions over 2 days. We helped him gather the parts and along the way corrected him a few times over wrongly fixed pieces. Reese did great. 

Imitation Lego. We pay RM165. Hubby bought it from an online store. The real Lego Eiffel Tower is about RM2000!
A another project for Reese to work on with his daddy dearest
Hubby found a few imitation Legos from China selling online. All selling very cheap. He decided to get one and try. We just received it this evening. First impression was quite good. Quality wise, not bad at all but of course it's not as well done as Lego. It is somewhat harder to piece the bricks together. The locking of bricks to base plate or other bricks requires more effort. If you are not a serious Lego collector, paying Rm165 is definitely worth it. 


Ben and Shaun said...

Wow...your Lego collection is really nice. My boy is into Lego too.

Linda said...

165 is not cheap already... need extra concentration to put the pieces together which is a good thing... :)

A gift from God said...

Ben and Shaun,
We are all going to be a lot poorer! Expensive hobby eh?

It's very very cheap if you compare to Lego. :)

Martha said...

May I know which site sells the imitationstuff ? Thanks :)

A gift from God said...


go to

They sell all kinds of building bricks! A company from Penang. Delivery is free when you purchase above Rm100