Monday, April 09, 2012

Lego Fun

Reese has always love to build things with blocks but never Lego bricks. Reason being they are much smaller and takes a lot more effort to build. We introduced Lego bricks to Reese when he was around 2 or 3 years old (Can't remember) but he was not interested. He plays mainly with wooden blocks and mega blocks. A few months back Reese showed interest with his Lego bricks and I was thinking perhaps he is ready to build buildings by following the instruction manual. He was excited and we bought a mini set for him to try. It was a castle. He did really well, in fact following the instruction manual is a piece of cake for him. He really enjoyed it.This morning we did another 4 buildings and a horse. :) 

Daddy coaching son how to build by following the instruction manual 
Full concentration
Lots of parts to work with
Reese's first attempt to build following the instruction manual
Lego bricks are everywhere.... we have these since Reese was 2/3 years old!
Reese was hooked on Lego building! He built all these.


Leona said...

Hi 5 Reese! Ryan also just discovered the wonders and fun of LEGO. Same here..he never showed interest in LEGO when he was younger too.. but now does his LEGO over and over again. I too was gonna write a post on LEGO...hehe. The great thing is it keeps them occupied for a full hour...

BabyBooned said...

Cant wait for the day when gibran gets hooked on legos too. Coz i love legos!

A gift from God said...

Write write...want to read about Ryan's experience too! :)

I love legos too... :)