Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 Pt 1

Hong Kong Disneyland

My very excited son

Very happy!

He was jumping up and down

Enjoy most rides

Golden Mickey Show

Eating mickey ice-cream

Was so happy meeting his favourite characters

Dead tired, slept for nearly an hour on me. My back ache so much!

Another fun moment for him

Family photo

MTR ride. Reese learned how to use the Octopus card. He will tap in and out on his own when we take the MTR.

Having fun in the tub

Drawing what he saw daily

First day at Hong Kong, we fed Reese his medication and off we went to have 'Dim Sum' and then Disneyland. Everything went smoothly. Reese was very excited. He went for some rides, explore Disneyland here and there and had lunch. Then he became whiny and wanted to go home! Somehow with alot of persuading, he slept in my arms for almost an hour. Then got up and in a bad mood. Didn't want to go for rides and wanted to go home! So again, a lot of persuading and bought him a balloon then bought him a Minnie and still not happy. Hubby gave up but I tried and eventually we did it. Saw the parade, then went for more rides, dinner and finally, the fireworks. He really enjoyed it. So in all, it was still a good time for Reese at Disneyland.

The next few days was not that great. We had plans for great food, shopping and Ocean Park. Looking at our first day at Disneyland, we decided not to go Ocean Park because Reese was still weak after 6 days of fever and we will probably have a hard time there. So alternative plan was just to go for some nice food and walk around. Every time we traveled down town, Reese would pester us to go home saying he is tired and all, a couple of times we had to carry him and it was really tough! He is so heavy and both hubby and I just cannot carry him for long. And my poor boy really meant it when he said he was sleepy, he will just doze off!

Throughout the trip, Reese preferred to stay in the hotel room than go out. Despite him protesting, we still managed to go down town and have some really good food and did some shopping. All in all, it was quite a good trip.

Oh, this time, Reese was an angel on the plane. He was happy being on the plane and surprisingly he had no ear ache when the plane took off and land.


Baby Darren said...

Funny...Darren also behaved the same while we were in HK. kept saying tired and hub has to carry him most of the time till injured his back. He also preferred to stay in the hotel than outisde. Wonder why they are like that... Anyway, glad al of u enjoyed the holiday.

I am amazed by his drawings. He has very god memory and very talented in art..

A gift from God said...

Baby Darren,

Weird isn't it? I thought kids would be sooooo excited and don't want to go home! hahaha...

Looks like traveling at such young age is not fun for them or us!