Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 Pt3

The Sleeping Beauty Castle Reese saw at Disneyland. Check out the details. It is the 5th Anniversary celebration for HK Disneyland. So they decorated the castle with extra lighting, glittering plastic thing all around the castle and also the number 5 at the center of the entrance to the castle. Reese drew everything from memory.
After seeing a very long bridge in Hong Kong, he was reminded of The Golden Gate Bridge in US

Sleeping Beauty Castle with fireworks. He drew many version of this after he saw the fireworks display in Disneyland

Thean Hau Temple in KL with lots of lanterns and fireworks

Another version of his Thean Hau Temple with fireworks

These drawings were all drawn while in Hong Kong. He drew whenever he is in the hotel room. :)

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