Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mummy, I want to get married!

While in the car after fetching Reese from school:

Reese: (With a serious tone) Mummy, when I grow up I want to get marry (married).
Mummy: Oh! (shock) Why do you want to get married?
Reese: (think for a while) Because I want to have a baby?
Mummy: Eerr....
Reese: My son will be called Peter. Just like gong gong Peter.
Mummy: (Impressed and still a little shock) That's great. So your baby will be called Peter. Nice.
Reese: Yes, my son will be called Peter eerr.... Peter David. My son will be called Peter David. Like my two gong gongs!
Mummy: Wah... nice...nice...
Mummy: Who is your wife?
Reese: eeerrr..... Solomon!
Mummy: ???? Huh? but Solomon is a man! Your wife must be a girl (woman) and not a boy (man).
Reese: mmmm.... My wife is Alice!
Mummy: Alice in Wonderland? That Alice?
Reese: Nope, a different Alice.
Reese: My wife has black hair.
Mummy: I see, is she beautiful?
Reese: Yes, she is beautiful and she has beautiful earrings!
Mummy: Hahahahha....

** Can't wait for my son to tell me one day that he is getting married for real! When we had this conversation, he was all serious. Should see his expression. I wonder why he suddenly talks about marriage... we certainly did not touch on these topics.... :)

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