Monday, March 14, 2011

The Promised Land... Reese's Version

Animals going through the maze to reach Canaan Land

His little world

Animals lining up to go Canaan

'Tim Sum' place heavily guarded by soldiers and firefighters

Reese's version of the promised land by God and 'Tim Sum' place in Hong Kong. :)
According to him, the animals are lining up to go through a maze to reach the promised land (Been reading about Canaan and God's Promise). Then the animals will reach Canaan. Then next to Canaan is the 'Tim Sum' place in Hong Kong. Soldiers and firefighters have to guard the place and next to the 'Tim Sum' Place is the Red Sea.


Ann said...

WOW ! I can imagine the time you have on your hands while he does that! I think you will have time to make a #2 now!

A gift from God said...


He is a pro with building stuff! He did this in less than 15 minutes. Then continue to pretend play for another 20 minutes or so. I have to be around him because the moment I am gone, he will come look for me and ask me to join him so that he can tell me what happened! Just a few days ago, he saw the pictures of the tsunami with lots of debris everywhere... he started to build that. Devastation with alot of debris!! Can you imagine the mess he created? :)