Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 Pt 2

Expensive macaroon. RM18 for 3

Dim Sum. Taste good and different from KL

Carrot Cake. I never like this but these were really good. It melts in your mouth

Reese enjoying his 'Dim Sum'

Our favourite Porridge Shop Sang Kee. The porridge here is really good.

I had 'g jap' and fish and hubby had 'g jap' porridge

Enjoying his beef noodles

Curry Beef Noodle. The tendon was really good. This is at Kau Kee (Very famous)

Dry version of the beef noodles. I personally like the beef noodles in soup. The soup was fantastic.

Life sea prawn wonton soup. Limited supply and this is at Chee Kee near Time Square.

Wonton noodles

We also had some other food but did not take photos. We also had Mos Burger, Honeymoon desert (Different from KL) and some other stuff. Wish we could taste a few more things on our list but because of Reese not being well and also not very co-operative, we only managed a few. Next time we will go try out more food! :)


LittleLamb said...

Perhaps Reese was just he was not 100% active. But I'm glad he was happy as u said..jumping up n down while in Disneyland. only 1 day at Disneyland?

A gift from God said...

We only spent 1 day at Disneyland. This is Reese 2nd time going to Disneyland. So didn't want to waste money. After all, it's quite small. :)
Planning to take him Disney World in Florida next time! :)
Oh... I forgot the password to your website... can you give it to me again?