Sunday, February 27, 2011

After 6 days of fever and we are off to HK!

YES! Reese is clear of fever and diarrhea (antibiotics). This morning he woke up fresh (still a little weak) and asked, "Can we go to Hong Kong today?"

The past 6 days were really tiring, filled with uncertainty and drama. On Monday late afternoon, he had a slight temperature and we thought ok... it's only Monday, slight fever and should recover in a few days. After all, we will only travel on Sunday.

Tuesday first thing in the morning took him to pediatrician and got fever medicine and antibiotic (traveling else will wait after 3 days then only prescribe). So for 3 days fever came and went and on the third day (Thursday).... it got worse. Went to pediatrician again and got a second antibiotic together with a reference letter in case there is a need to go for blood test. Gosh, we were racing against time to get him well before the trip!

Friday came and fever went out of control! Was at it's peak 40.2 degrees. SMS pediatrician and was told to go ER and get the fever down and do a blood test. Then the drama at ER. We were quite sure that the trip was going to be canceled.

Saturday came and it was quite good, fever was gone but Reese started to have loose stool and then diarrhea. So we went to the pediatrician again to get some medication for that and also probiotics.

Ah! Maybe we can go after all and packed our bags and told ourselves that if this morning he is fine then we will go. We hate to disappoint him as this trip was planned especially for him and he was really looking forward to it! Family and friends have been praying hard. God is good! Amen!

So fever for six days and it cost us Rm600+ in medical fees!


MeRy said...

At to Hongkong...Enjoy ur holiday trip.

RM600 for medical is not cheap lol....nowadays medical fee is getting more and more expensive esp for those antibiotics can cost a bomb...

Mummy Moon said...

Good to hear that he is clear and you guys get to go Hk as planned. Have a great holiday ya!

A gift from God said...


It's not the medication that was expensive. It's doctor's fees and tests.

Mummy Moon,