Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Temper Tantrums, Whining, Screaming, Shouting, Rudeness....

My dear son has always been manageable and considered a good boy at least to all of us in the family. Now that he is four, gggrrr! It's getting difficult. It reminds me of his terrible two phase. Daily shouting and scolding. It was a difficult time but it passed. Now.... it is all happening again...

He whines at the slightest thing. Not only does he whine, he will throw super tantrums with crying, screaming, shouting, jumping up and down... can bring down the house! He will verbally tell you how unhappy/upset/angry/mad (Reese words) he is. He is very vocal.

Things that will trigger his extreme anger:

1. Remove or move his toy formation.
2. Refuse his request for certain things.
3. If he is doing something, he sometimes get upset if someone comes over and watch him (except me and hubby)

He is also getting rude. Well, I believe he is not doing it intentionally. He is at a stage where he expresses himself very well and is using whatever vocabulary he knows to do so and yet does not know what rudeness is. He also likes to imitate the way we talk to him. So naturally, we get agitated when he 'command' us to do things with the same tone we use on him :)

Reese: Please! Give that to me! I want it. It's mine.
Mum: No!
Reese: I want it. Understand?? I say I want it. Do you understand? Give it to me!

Sounded rude right?

Funny thing is, we told him to add 'please' to his sentences when he ask for things but still it sounded rude! It's the tone... The same tone we use on him...hahaha...

When we go out, most of the time, he doesn't greet anyone even family members. He is friendly but just doesn't like greeting anyone. Family members find that rude. To me, it's pointless to FORCE a 4 year old to greet someone when he doesn't understand the need to do so. Usually I will remind him to greet just so not to offend anyone. Does your child behave like that?

He hates to be disturbed when he is working on something. Be it drawing or building blocks. He gets upset when he is not in the mood and will tell you to go away. When he wants to work alone, he really meant it.

Reese is also a drama king. Yes! He can act pretty well especially when he is upset. Even if he can't really cry.... he will force out the tears. Sometimes it is so funny that I really can't help it but laugh.

So.... does your child behave like that? I really don't know what to do.... *sigh*


Irene said...

Hi, my Vic used to talk the same way we talk to her too, the tone, the words, and when she gets scolded from daddy because she "imitate" me, i feel so bad. kekeke.

Yea, my kids are also the type who don't like to greet ppl. I feel rather embarrassed, but i still insist that they greet, it's all training. Have you seen older kids these days who don't bother to greet their parents' friends? I find that rude, because I was brought up to greet ppl.

Leona said...

It is funny...ain't it...so we thot that after 2 to 3 yo...and now 4 yo...they will be more understanding with their surroundings and situations...they can control their feelings more??? WRONG! haha! I guess kids at this age would be MORE manipulative...and even more smart mouthed with us parents...can answer back with excuses!!! I too having a hard time with Ryan...

A gift from God said...

Dear mummies,

I am getting immune to it... :)