Saturday, February 12, 2011

Learning English the Next Step...

Since Reese can read well and also write, I have moved a level up with his Language Arts. Now the focus is on spelling activities (Based on Phonics/Word Family), Sentence patterns and construction and comprehension. Activities range from word scramble, simple sentence construction, filling in the blanks, answering simple comprehension questions and word search. All these activities require him to do some writing. Reese prefers Language Arts to Math.

Books we are using: Write and Learn Word Family Practice Pages (E-book by Scholastic) and First Grade Comprehension and Reading Skills (E-book by Scholastic)

Word scramble and word search (He is very very good at it!)

Learning spelling through word family


Grade One LA seems easy for him. Soon I will do creative writing with him. Give him a little more challenge! As for his reading, he is reading the Beginners Bible, 1 chapter a day. We have 1 chapter more to go before completing The Boxcar Children read-aloud sessions. I am enjoying the book too (Brings back memories of my time reading The Secret Seven, The Hardy Boys and other adventure stories) .

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