Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bye-bye Diapers!

About 3 weeks ago, I had insomnia. So I decided to wake Reese up around 2am to urinate. I did it for two nights and also told him that we were going to do so for a while so that he can sleep without diapers at night soon. He was very co-operative. No whining at all. After the second night he told me that he wanted to learn to urinate in the middle of the night on his own!

After 2 nights of insomnia, I was sleeping well again and thus did not wake Reese up to urinate. Hehehe... but surprisingly since then, he did not wet his diapers except once two days ago. Yesterday I happened to walk into a pharmacy and saw some incontinence bed underlay padding. RM13.60 for 10 sheets (30"x30"). So I bought it and yesterday night, we put two sheets under the mattress cover. It's perfect. Can't feel any difference after putting the bed sheet. These sheets are disposable, thin, waterproof, soft and soundless. It's wonderful.

Finally we can stop buying diapers completely!


MeRy said...

I also started to let Ryan diaperless at night,but I have to wake him up at least once or twice to pee,or else, he sure pee on the bed.

A gift from God said...

So far so good. Do not have to wake him up to pee! We just make sure he doesn't drink alot of water before sleeping. He still takes 6oz of milk before sleeping.

Opps, he just wet his pants and sheets... hahaha... (did not take afternoon nap!)