Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reading and Writing the Next Level

Reese read all the Dr. Seuss Green Back Books I bought (7 books). It was fun to read with him because he read with full comprehension of the stories and we had a good laugh on all the wackiness of Dr. Seuss books. We are now on another series for beginner readers by Zonderkids. It comes with beautiful illustration and some biblical values too. We will read a book a day and looking at the rate we are going, we will run out of books soon!

I have started Reese on writing alphabets. I have no choice because he is writing his alphabets with all the wrong strokes... So everyday he does 1 sheet of writing. So far no fuss! Phew...

I have also started to do some worksheets that involves spelling words and he seems to enjoy them! 3 letter words are way too easy for him and even 4 letter words he can easily spell them out. I guess I have taught him well... hahaha... very proud of him.

I also introduced a word game to him. We do word search in a box full of alphabets. It was fun and surprisingly he can find most of the words on his own.

Next game I am planning to play with him is making sentences and hopefully will start him on creative writing once he mastered his alphabet writing!! Yes.... creative writing at 4+ years old... cool eh?