Monday, November 15, 2010

Full Time House Wife....

Reese: Mummy, PLEASE don't grow old, STAY young!
Mummy: What about daddy?
Reese: One day, Daddy will grow old and die.

Reese is very sticky to me. As you can clearly see from the above conversation who he favours the most! :) I spent the most time with him and we do things together. I love the bond and I love the time spent with him. Even when I have a choice to leave him with my parents every Monday and to have a few hours of Me time, I prefer to spent it with my boy. Monday is one of the days that we can have a leisurely lunch followed by some grocery or window shopping and then head back to my aunt's place (My teaching place) and get him to take his nap and usually after that I will have an hour of ME time before I begin my teaching for the day.

We hardly get to stay home. Reese follows me wherever I go except when he is at school. I teach children and help my aunt manage her franchise business. We are out of the house by 8.30am and only gets home at around 8pm on most days. Hubby will buy dinner back. My usual day will be sending Reese to school and then I will go into the office for 3 hours and then pick Reese up, we will have lunch and if there is time to spare, we will go window or grocery shopping at a near by mall. Then back to my other aunt's house and get Reese ready for his nap and then I will have my classes. Dinner preparation will be in between. If Reese is up from his nap, he will do his drawing or play in the classroom while I teach. Sometimes he will watch his favourite cartoon on the Macbook or plays with my aunt. He is quite independent and will eat his dinner on his own or sometimes my aunt will sit with him while he eats. Usually after my last class, he will spend another 20-30 minutes with me doing math or some reading. The only thing I am not happy about is that he hardly has a chance to go to the playground to play with other children.

I always envy full time mummies. You get to stay at home all the time! :)
Well, I will get to do the same 2 weeks before Christmas. I will have 2 weeks break!! Yes! No traffic jam, I can then play with my son at home, take him to the playground, alot of time to do house work, I can cook at home! Yess....... can't wait.

I always find that my day is too rush and can't enjoy any activities properly. Everything is about timing!


LittleLamb said...

u know what..i think u r doing a good job. u r utilizing ur time wisely. u dont waste anytime..

Leona said...

what do you teach? are you a music teacher??? Haha..I have been following your blog for 2 years now and only known that u teach privately...

But its cool that you are your own boss! And you can manage your own time...and around Reese's!

A gift from God said...


Thanks but given a chance... I want to be a full time housewife! :)

Eh... you don't know ah? I teach English/Language Arts to mostly International School kids and some homeschoolers. I also help my aunt to manage her business.

It's a great phonetic system developed by my aunt and very effective. We have been around even before Smart Readers... :)

I am always thankful that my work allows enough flexibility to be an almost full time mom to Reese. :) And yes... it's great to be my own boss!

MeRy said...

Being a fulltime housewife can be quite boring...For me, I prefer to go out to work if I have someone to takecare of my son.

Irene said...

Hi, you envy the SAHMs but we envy you... at least something to keep you sane and got Me time, hehehe!

can you teach english and english terminalogies of science/maths subjects to a 12yo korean boy? he knows english, but needs to brush up his eng to enter sri kdu. urgently needed.

A gift from God said...


I guess I want to be a full time house wife for a while or until I am bored... hehehe...


Well, once you are like me, you will also want to be a full time house wife for a while.... It's very tiring considering I have to work and also care for my son and weekends have to clean the house and do the chores....

As for the Korean boy, I don't think I can help. First of all, I do not have any spare time to do so and I am not familiar with science/math terminologies. Sorry yeah!