Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chinese Language

Ni Hou!

My son now loves to add Chinese words and phases in his conversation. It's really funny because his pronunciation is like Guai Lo speaking Chinese! Reese has shown an interest in the Chinese Language. At every opportunity he will include at least 1 or 2 words or even a phase that he knew (very limited). It all started with him watching Ni Hau Kai Lan. So now, I told my mum to teach him Chinese whenever he goes to their place! I just want him to be able to converse and perhaps recognize some Chinese characters.

I am thinking of sending him for Chinese lessons but will that help? Being an educator, I am afraid of poor quality teachers and programs. There are just too many enrichment centres that are not up to expectation. Mmmmm... maybe I worry too much.... :)

Some example of his using Chinese in his conversation:

Mummy, 'wor yau che' dumplings! (I want to eat)
Mummy, 'how how che' (Very tasty)
'Wor se Wei Li' ( I am Wei Li - Reese's Chinese Name is Kam Wei Li- Mandarin, Kam Wai Lup - Cantonese; The spelling of his Chinese name is not official because in his birth cert is only Reese Matthew Kam)
'Chen Pang!' (great? hahah... I am not sure)
Mummy, here is your 'fu tou sher' (tiger shoes)


BabyBooned said...

thats just so cool that he's absorbing the language like a sponge! H wants me to get Gibran started on mandarin, but since we dont speak it, its quite hard to make him learn it! :(

A gift from God said...


There are many centres that caters specially for non-speakers. There is this enrichment centre call Bau Bei Wonderland or something that requires a kid to go there for 90 minutes, at least 3 times a week just to sing,dance,flash cards and converse... very fun and the teachers can speak English to explain things... apparently very effective! I think you can google up the place. :)