Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Very Expressive Lately....

My son has become very expressive lately. He likes to tell you how he feels over things with words. Before this, he only expresses himself with 'I don't want' or whine, cry and throw tantrum.

Now, he will tell you things like:

Mummy, I like this the best. 'how how che' (Very yummy)
Mummy, I don't like Ye Ye's new house.
Mummy, I love to play with this.
Mummy, I am happy.
Mummy, I am happy that Fish @ Co finished renovating.
Mummy, I am sad because mummy shout at me.
Mummy, I don't like this.
Mummy, don't be mad. Don't be quite. I don't want you to be angry!
Nah! I don't think so.

He is learning to communicate more effectively with us and loves to voice his opinion on things.

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