Monday, November 08, 2010

Milestones at 4 years 1 month old

Haven't updated his milestones for sometime now.

At 4 years 1 month old:

Weight: 22kgs
His BMI according to doctor is way out of the chart! In other words, he is still overweight!

Height: 108-109cm
It's at the 90th percentile according to the chart.

Food Intake: Will eat almost anything that is not spicy and no greens. He only takes cabbage, white Chinese cabbage, spinach, carrot and celery too. All these vegetables must be cooked till soft and usually in soup. He loves fruits, noddles and western food.

Personality/Character: Outgoing, cheeky, inquisitive, friendly and not shy at all.

Physical: Hyper active but can be quite the opposite when he does something he likes.

Interest: Loves to draw things he sees everyday. Loves role playing. Will imitate his favourite cartoon characters and always involves hubby and me. Loves to build blocks and pretend play. Likes to sing (still cannot sing in tune and loves making up silly songs) and dance. Loves read aloud sessions and of course watching his favourite cartoon on TV. Has an interest in documentaries.

Reading: His reading level is at Grade 1 now which is equivalent to Standard 1 level. He is currently reading Dr. Seuss collection. Completed Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut and If I Have Duck Feet.

Math: He is half way through Grade K math. He can do addition, learned to count in 5's and 10's, concepts of rows and columns, ordinal numbers, reading time and calender, measuring using inches, learning about place-values and money (dollar, dime, nickle and penny). These are some of the major things.

Other Languages: Steadily picking up Hokkien and Mandarin (watch Ni Hou Kai Lan) and applying words and short phases in his everyday conversation with us.

Independence: He wears his own shoes, goes to the toilet on his own except big business, can undress himself partially. He now goes out without wearing a diaper and willingly use the public toilets when necessary. He eats his meals independently unless it is food that he doesn't like. Usually it takes him less than 20 minutes to finish his meals.

Areas that we need to work on: Getting him to wear his own t-shirts and pants properly. Go diaperless at night. To go to sleep on his own and get him ready to sleep in his own room.


MommyAngel said...

Hi .... may I asked how can a first time mother like me know what syllabus should a k1 students complete/cover, etc? I am teaching Angel at home myself but I am not sure whether I am teaching enough or teaching too much as I really have no idea what and which one should I complete as I always been worried that I will over stressed her as my Angel will be easily put off by things which is difficult and I don't want to over do things with her and just to make the entire learning process a great one with lots of fun in it? Thanks for sharing ya :)

A gift from God said...


You can visit

This is a local homeschooling support group. There are a few reputable homeschooling programs you can check out. They are all from U.S.A.

If you google 'homeschool program' there will be more choices. I like sonlight because it is literacy based. AOP will be text book based.

In order to know what you are on track with Angel, you will have to purchase some books from the homeschool program to compare. These homeschooling programs come ready with a teaching manual to help you homeschool your child.

Once you are familiar and gain confidence, you can then mix and match like what I am doing now. If you find the books too expensive then you can check out preschool section at book shops to find out more. Hope it helps. :)