Monday, November 08, 2010

Conversation with Reese

Yesterday night in the playroom:

(Can't remember how we started the conversation but the later the part.....)
Mummy: Mummy is getting old Reese. One day mummy will die.
Reese: Don't worry mummy. (Showing a concern face) You will be young. You won't die.
Mummy: Daddy will be old too.
Reese: Daddy will die soon! *Cheeky grin*
Mummy and daddy: ???

Yesterday at the Thai restaurant:

(I stopped him from doing something.)
Reese: Hey! You are not suppose to ....... (can't remember)!!!! Bla...bla..bla.. UNDERSTAND???

Both hubby and I were dumbfounded. He scolded me and asked whether I understand! Got that from me I guess.... I always use the word understand... hehehe.

In the car:

Reese: Look! Mummy look! Over there....
Mummy: What is it?
Reese: Over there.... What is coming?
Mummy: What?
Reese: *Cheeky grin* It's a?
Mummy: It's a??
Reese: It's a reservoir!! *giggles*
Mummy: Are you sure?
Reese: Nah! I tricked you mummy! *giggles*
Mummy: Ah... I know...that is a water tank!
Reese: Nope, it's a water tower mummy!
Mummy: Oh... yeah. (He was right. It's the tower version!)

At One Utama:

(Suppose to take him to Fish & Co for fish and chips)
Mummy: Here we are! Oh no.
Daddy: It's under renovation.
Reese: Why is it under renovation?
Mummy: Ehh.... so that it will be better!
Reese: Why is it better?
Daddy: Errr...
Mummy: It's because they need to renovate!
Reese: Why do they need to renovate?
Daddy and Mummy: ?? (Reese's questions never end and alot of times we don't know how to answer him! They simply do not make sense! )

After a scolding session:

Reese: Mummy! Talk to me! Mummy!
Mummy: No! I am really angry now. I don't want to talk to you!
Reese: Please mummy, please? Please talk to me mummy! Please talk to me!
Mummy: Mummy is very angry now. I need to calm down. I don't want to talk to you now. GO!

After 20 to 30 minutes...
Reese: Mummy, have you calm down? Is mummy OK now?
Mummy: Yes, I have calm down. Next time don't do that again!
Reese: Is there a frown on mummy's face anymore?
Mummy: Is there?
Reese: Nope. Mummy is not angry any more.
Mummy: Next time don't do that again!
Reese: OK! I promise you mummy. (It's always empty promises.)

Taking medication:

Reese: Is it time for medication?
Mummy: Yes. Take these now...
Reese: (Took all his medication) Mummy, this is my favourite medication. *pointing to the cough mixture* This is the best! I don't like this one *pointing to another one*

Talks like a pro!

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