Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obsessed with Christmas Trees

Our tree decorated by Reese, Daddy and Mummy

A dove made by Reese at school

Bells made by Reese at school

A beautiful angel also made at school

2 weekends ago we finally put up the Christmas tree because Reese kept pestering! He was so excited to decorate it with us. He put up most of the ornaments. We also included his Christmas craft work brought back from school. Everyday he will sit next to the tree, turn on the lights when it's night time, and just simply admire the tree. He loves it soooooo much.

We also bought Reese two Christmas presents and now waiting for more presents to fill space below the tree.... :) Anyone wants to contribute? ;) Just kidding!

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Leona said...

Its great when the kids share the love of Christmas too.