Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shh shh Reese?

Bathroom: Mummy took off Reese's diaper.

Mummy: Reese, shh shh?

Reese:?? (looked down..then at his penis...)

Mummy: Shh shh... there... (pointing at penis) Can you shh shh?

Reese: (Looks at mummy)... then shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... (pee)

Mummy: Clever boy!!! Reese shh shh huh? clever...

Reese: (tried to touch the urine..)

Mummy: but clever shh shh.

Reese: Pom pom?? (take shower)

Mummy: No pom pom.... now mummy cleans you up and change.

Reese: POM POM......whine.....

Reese: more shh shh.. (so that he can play in the bathroom...)

Mummy: Sigh!

I think Reese is almost ready to be potty trained!!! This is a hot topic lately huh? hehe.. anyway.. the past two weeks, for 5 times (different days) I took him to the bathroom and took off his diaper and asked him to Shh shh (pee) and he will look at me and then look at his penis and with full concentration...he urinated! At first I thought..maybe it's a coincidence...but this morning... I did that again... and I guess he just urinated in his when I ask him to urinate...he looked at me...and then tried...but only a few drops came out..haha... then just for the fun of it... I asked him to urinate again.. and he again tried...and another few drops...hehe... then I asked the 3rd you should see his face...really try to squeeze the last bit out...ahha.. very funny... So now I am very sure...he understands me and knows what shh shh is and the best part..he has control over his bladder. Did I mentioned that Reese said "No shh shh..." when I tried to get him to urinate yesterday..haha.. problem thou.... he doesn't want the potty... and he only stands and pee and the urine will flow down to his legs too. So I have to wash him each time he pees... Imagine when I start potty training him...gosh... how does your children (boys) pee?

I will start potty training once I use up another 3 packs of diapers and get a few training pants...


LittlePrincesses said...

My first girl is 4 yrs old. The first one i potty trained her at the age of 1 yr old... I just put her to the potty (let her bums touch the potty and made sounds) and eventually she started to pee or do big business. It was difficult becos she didn't like to sit in the potty.

I had to get some nice fancy looking potty (with teddy bear in front!) to encourage her. It did work. At times she complains and begs not to go pee but wanna do it in the pampers........

She now pees in the toilet herself. Slowly lifts herself on the toilet seat and does her business. Papa taught her how to lift herself up and sit though she is short :P

When she sleeps, we still use pampers as she doesn't realise. She's also tired after kindy. I kesian her, don't want to spoil her sleep. Need to slowly get her out of pampers.

My friend allowed her kid to pee a few times in the bed she sleeps. Eventually, the child felt uncomfortable and started asking to go pee in the toilet.

There are many fancy looking potty in the market now. Check them out and get Reese to choose one. This may help :))) You have to keep encouraging him.

Blessed mum said...

I started training my 2 girls when they were around 14 months but only train Nic recently.

He will sit on the potty for both the Big and Small business now, though in the beginning, he refused to sit on it.

I think if Reese is ready, you should start him now, no worry about the diapers, that can be used for the night..

Happy Potty Training.