Friday, July 11, 2008

Food crisis

Reese is refusing his usual food again.... what should I do? He doesn't take rice or porridge. That really limits the choices of food that I can cook. I usually make western food for him. It's easy and can be frozen. By the way...I am a WAHM. Food he usually takes:

Fish pasta (cream sauce/tomato sauce)
soup noodles with egg, chicken and cabbage
Creamy mushroom soup with fish,potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
Bread with peanut butter.
Different types of fruits
Breakfast cereal with milk

Now he is acting up and has been consistently rejecting his food. Luckily he still love his fruits! I really don't know what to cook any more. He loves outside food. I only allow outside food on a weekend.

He likes KFC chicken and mash potatoes, fish chowder or any creamy soup, fish and chips, chicken fingers, maccoroni and cheese and fried noodles.

I actually tried a few recipes on the net that claims to be KFC mash potatoes... but Reese didn't like it. I tried peanut butter marinated chicken... it's yummy..but Reese didn't like it either. I give up for now... It's so tiring trying to figure out what to cook for him... I have to work and thus...don't have the luxury of time to prepare elaborate stuff and I don't trust my maid to cook for him. :( He still doesn't have enough teeth to chew meaty stuff. Ggggrrr.... going crazy...

These days... when he doesn't want his usual food, I just let it be and give him milk, fruits and biscuits. I can see that he is losing some weight.... being super active also contributed to that. He is always running and jumping.
What to do mummies?


Leona said...

Does he like eating cheese?
You mentioned macaroni and cheese in some of the food he likes. Maybe you can make melted cheese on toast or pita bread or tuna cheese and egg omelette since he likes western food. cheese is tasty so perhaps that might make him have more appetite. Try using different types and shapes of pasta... that could make him excited.

A gift from God said...

Dear Leona,

He love cheese... He used to eat cheese everyday... one whole stick... but lately... haven't given him that cause at one time.. he rejected the cheese... he doesn't take bread either.. used to like don't want... he hates tuna... and I used all kinds of pasta..even abc shapes... :)

Blessed mum said...

maybe you can try some plain food instead..might be "sick" of the rich food...

A gift from God said...

plain no...tried. :(

Ann said...

In my blog, there is a link for Confinement Food and Other Recipies.
My babysitter has put up some recipies for kids. I like the one on chicken parcel with potatoes, baked macaroni and the bacon with banana...
if he likes his fruits, maybe can make more fruity meat dishes??

A gift from God said...


I tried a new recipe... just toast with saute mushroom and mince chicken topped with a very generous amount of chedder cheese! He likes it! Will try to make my own mac and cheese sometime this week. Hoping for the best.