Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Me, Music and My Sexy Body....

                                    Am I handsome?

                               See my muscular legs?

                  Trying to turn on my current favorite cartoon Mickey Mouse

                                     Check out my butt...

                               Playing daddy's electric guitar

                                         Playing my drums


Ann said...

I was admiring his strong legs 1 Can't imagine from the time he first started walking till now!!!

Blessed mum said...

He got very powerful legs!!

Drum!! hrmmm.. it goes pretty well with daddy electric when are you guys starting a band?? : P

A gift from God said...


What can I say about Reese? He is strong and I love his butt..haha..very meaty you know..

Blessed mum, Daddy Reese can't wait to start a band with Reese..hahha..