Monday, July 07, 2008

Movie, shopping and a fall

On Saturday we (hubby and I) managed to catch 'Wanted' and did a little shopping. We bought Reese a pair of swim shorts from GAP (30% off). Really cute. Then in the evening, we took Reese to The Curve... let him play at the indoor playground. We had KFC for dinner. ELC is having a sale and we bought Reese the Extreme marble play.

Ah... yesterday took Reese to the park and while playing on the playground...he missed a step and fell off a 1 meter plus high platform. No serious injuries just some scratches and 30 seconds of crying. Phew... my heart just jump out of me when he fell. He was ok..he is a tough kid...hehe...daddy even wanted to blacklist the park..haha.. he was just hurt because his son was hurt....hehe... Very precious. Later we chase after birds and pigeons and Reese was a happy boy again.

In the evening, we went to 1Utama hoping to find a pair of shoes for daddy and instead we found a nice pair of shoes for Reese. We have been hunting for a pair of sneakers for Reese for a long time and always can't find the right one. Reese has big and broad feet. The best part is...this pair of shoes can be machine wash! :) It's a new range (Little sensory motion peanut) from Nike. We had fish and chips for dinner.

Extreme marble set from ELC
Sneakers (we bought the yellow one)


Ryan's mami said...

Wow... Reese watched the movie in the cinema with you guys? Usually toddler doesn't sit still in the cinema. :P

A gift from God said...

Ryan's mami,

No... we saw the movie without Reese...hehe

Moomykin said...

Kids fall all the time, especially if we want to encourage them to be a little more athletic, we have to be prepared for bumps, bruises and scratches. It's just a calculated risk.

The worst of sight is if they hurt their face, but the worst of falls is when they hit their head (or break a bone, I think). Otherwise It's ok. :)

p/s- nice shoes!!

A gift from God said...


Thanks. :)