Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Field trip to the zoo: Understanding Reptiles...

Last week we went to the zoo for a fun filled educational program on Reptiles. As usual, Reese got really excited the night before and he woke up before 6.30am on the day of the trip! The zoo's education co-ordinator is becoming more familiar with us homeschoolers. She even took the time to learn more about homeschooling and incorporate some ideas she learned into this field trip. 

So first stop was to the zoo education service centre. Here the kids were taught some facts about Reptiles especially snakes. We did some hands on activities. The zoo even provided some arts and craft for the younger participants!

The kids were asked to draw or write about snakes

Check out what Reese drew.... a JEDI snake!

Parents and kids busy with the activities 

Our wonderful zoo educator teaching the kids about snakes

Getting ready to see the reptiles

Tortoise shell

The zoo personnels getting ready to show the kids the snake skeleton, eggs and skin

Kids holding the snake skeleton

The snake keeper was encouraging the kids to pat the python which was really big.

Our highlight for this trip! Feeding giant tortoises. They were housed in a secluded part of the zoo and it was not on display to the public. Each family spent a few minutes privately feeding the tortoises. It was a wonderful experience. 

My very brave boy!

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