Monday, March 25, 2013

Started Building for his Lego Project

So now that we have all the sponsored bricks nicely washed, dried, sorted out and mixing with our own Lego collection, Reese can finally start creating and building his stuff!

Lego playground

Reese is so blessed and many thanks to our organiser who suggested sponsorship from Lego. We send some photos of some amazing creation by Reese and they agreed to sponsor Reese with 'some' bricks for an upcoming project. It's a child's dream of having so many bricks to build whatever he wants! 

So my dear son started working on his first structure and after spending hours on it, he said to me.... "Mummy, it is not very nice. It is not very nice for people to see. I want to tear it down. I want to rebuild something more interesting." 

Then the hard work came.... we the adults have to take the bricks apart and sort them out again.... It is a lot of work! My fingers hurt from all the removing and it is time consuming. 

Yesterday evening, with our encouragement... he started working on another structure. We helped him with the construction like making sure each brick is properly jointed, getting parts for him... he was the boss instructing us what to do and boy... was he bossy and a perfectionist! What you see here is only 50% complete according to little boss!


lydia said...

He is one lucky boy! Cant wait to see his creations!

A gift from God said...

Thank you Lydia! Will make the announcement once we have everything in place. :)