Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Educational Toys: Snap Circuits

Recently I chanced upon Snap Circuits and knew instantly Reese will like it. Did some research and bought it through a group buy with some mummies. I paid RM320 for Snap Circuit Extreme SC-750 model. It is not sold here and the only way you can get it is to buy from eBay (cheaper). 

Snap Circuit Extreme SC-750

First time assembling a circuit

Expert after a few days....

Reese played with it non stop for a few days straight. He was so excited each time he joints the circuits to do see the outcomes. After a while, he began experimenting with his own circuit designs. Reese now knows how current flows, names of electronic components and their functions like transistors, diode, oscillator and etc...

It is a nice set with clear instructions, easy to built circuits... just snap them in place. :) 

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