Friday, March 15, 2013

Ipoh and Gua Tempurung

Last Sunday we went to Ipoh, Perak for a short weekend getaway. We stayed a night and the following day we went caving...sort of. :) There is nothing much to do in Ipoh except visiting the many cave temples and eat. We went to the most famous one. Kek Lok Tong. 

Mummy.... I love the caves!

 Very scenic and peaceful here

Aren't this pair of chickens beautiful? People must be thinking that we were mad...snapping pictures of chickens...hahaha... city folks...can't help it.

 They have a huge lily pond and we rarely get to see them in the city. Beautiful rock formation throughout the cave.

After that we went to have yummy food around Ipoh and then checked into our hotel in town. Spent the rest of the day watching discovery channel! It was extremely hot and humid. At night we went for the famous chicken and bean sprout noodles. Walked around the neighbouring area and back to the hotel and watched another documentary. Yeah....boring.... but our main purpose of going to Ipoh was for food and Gua Tempurung. The next day, we had tim sum and then drove to Gua Tempurung. We reached the place around 9.15am and it was deserted. There are four levels of caving. The first 2 levels are dry tours and the last two levels are wet and challenging tours. We wanted to go up to Level 2 but was told that you have to have a minimum of 5 adults for the tour to happen! So we were told to wait till about 10am. At the end, there weren't enough people and one of the guide was kind enough to take us along (he had to collect rubbish and do some cleaning of the cave) and guided us to about level 1 and the rest of level 2 we were free to walk on our own. We were all alone at level two! :) The cave is huge and definitely worth a visit. It takes an hour and a half to go all the way up which they called Top of the World. Beautiful stalagmite and stalactites formation can be seen. Breathtaking! In total we climbed over 600 steps to get to the top. 

Outside of Gua Tempurung

Not sure what this is


The river flowing below the cave

 Some information for those planning to go!


Anonymous said...

hi, im just wondering, did you got permission to homeschool your child from government? if so, how to apply? thinking to homeschool my child too. thanks :)

A gift from God said...


Nope, we did not get permission from the government because in the past, many homeschoolers have done that and they were mostly given a lot of run around and and a lot of problems. So most will just do it quietly. Homeschooling is not illegal in Malaysia. The education ministry is aware the growing homeschooling community but so far, they do not interfere. If you really want to apply then you need to go to the Education Ministry but I can tell you, you will be wasting your time. :)

MeRy said...

very nice place.