Saturday, March 09, 2013

Science Co-Op

It has been months since we started our science co-op group. I am proud to say, we have come closer together, just like a family and the children are more settled in. For easy management, I keep the group small. I always look forward to our fortnightly meet up and for Reese..... it's the playtime after lesson! Last week was a good one. Before lesson, the children were gathered together to learn cooking. They peel, dice and chop vegetables, made lemonade and watched Aunty L fried rice. It was so much fun. We had a science review lesson after that and of course.... the kids can't wait for the food to cook and eat!

See how mummies and their kids work together?

The boys are cutting cabbage and the girls are peeling garlic!

Reese cutting carrots

Kids watching Aunty L fried rice

Lesson time

After class, the kids helped to take the yummy food and drinks to the nearby field and hungrily dug into their food. Food was extra good because they helped prepared it. Lot's of vegetables and my boy did not complaint! In my heart, I am so glad for I am creating wonderful memories for Reese.... and learning and play are one. 
Can't wait to eat!


After lunch, they played around the field while we mummies ate and chatted. :) Love it!

On our way home, I asked Reese what they did at the gazebo and he told me they made secret potion. They used twigs, leaves and flowers for that. They tried reviving a dead person with their potion.......... sounds like fun to me!

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