Thursday, March 07, 2013


Recently I introduced Reese to programming not knowing whether he will like it. Surprisingly he loved it and spent more than 2 hours playing with it that very day. After some research, I downloaded a program called Scratch. It is a very user friendly programming tool that allows children to learn the basic of programming without much coding. It is free and there are lots of resources you can find online to get you started with the program. With just 1 lesson, Reese is able to create interesting animation with sound effects and learning some concepts in programming. He has also started to create his own graphic. 

I think it is really important for a child in this generation to know some basic coding. Our world can't do without computers and technology. I hope in time, I will be able to guide Reese in learning a proper programming language so that he can create interesting stuff! I foresee our next step will be towards robotic programming (Looking at Lego NXT). I want Reese to enjoy his Lego bricks now, creating interesting buildings and stuff... fuelling his creativity and innovation. Learning some basic programming with Scratch allows lots of fun and indirect learning. This is very important to me. I want his learning to be fun and non academic and technical at this point in time. When he is ready for more challenges, we will move up another level. 

Will update more when Reese is able to make something really interesting!

To download Scratch:

Exploring the basic

He was so excited that he didn't want to take his lunch break! Eating lunch and play

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